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Frequently asked questions

What is the benefit of having my iPhone Factory Unlocked?
Once the iPhone is Factory Unlocked it can be used on any GSM network - with any SIM card
What does "Factory Unlock" means?
There are iPhones which are sold Unlocked, factory unlock is the same as purchasing an unlocked iPhone from apple
Can I upgrade / restore using iTunes once my iPhone is factory unlocked?
Factory Unlock is a permenanet unlock, and you will be able to restore and update via iTunes without worrying about your iPhone being relocked.
Ok I want to factory unlock my iPhone how can i do it ?
you can search your IMEI number on the main page if the factory unlock is available for your iPhone it should give you an option to purchase the factory unlock service
Ok before I buy this factory unlock service I want to have some guarantee
Once you purchase the unlock service, we will try to do our best to factory unlock your iPhone, if we can't, we will send a full refund.
Do you need me to send my iPhone to you for a factory unlock?
No, the unlock is done remotely so all we need from you to process the unlock is your IMEI number.
The time period for the unlocked has just passed and my iPhone is still locked :S
The time period for the unlock process is in business days / hours